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La saga Tau Cross

Une bombe a éclaté cette semaine dans l’univers du rock lourd. La réputée étiquette Relapse Records a décidé de couper les ponts avec la formation Tau Cross à quelques semaines de la sortie du troisième album, Messengers of Deception. Album que nous attendions avec impatience étant donné notre amour pour le band et Michel « Away » Langevin. Le premier extrait, Burn with me, nous avait d’ailleurs charmés à souhait.

Que s’est-il passé au juste?

Le leader et chanteur du band, Rob Miller, se serait grandement inspiré de l’oeuvre de Gerard Menuhin, un auteur d’extrême droite. Son livre intitulé Dites la vérité et vous humilierez le diable a choqué la planète littéraire en 2015 avec des affirmations du type « L’Holocauste est le plus grand mensonge de l’univers ». Miller se serait non seulement inspiré des théories de Menuhin, mais il aurait remercié celui-ci dans le livret accompagnant l’album, ce qui a déclenché l’enquête interne chez Relapse Records.

La maison de disques a émis un communiqué, puis les quatre autres membres ont fait de même conjointement. Miller a ajouté sa touche aujourd’hui. Les voici, à vous d’en faire ce que bon vous semble. D’après nous, le projet Tau Cross tel qu’on le connaît est mort et enterré. La position de Miller ne rejoint plus du tout le reste du band…

Communiqué de Relapse Records

“Over the weekend the German magazine Ox brought it to our attention that a person named Gerard Menuhin was prominently thanked in the new Tau Cross album, and specifically credited in the liner notes for inspiring Rob Miller. All Relapse records go through a vigorous proofing process–checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes, mostly. We all read this name, but didn’t recognize it or think that it was anything other than a personal friend of the band’s, that we did not know. Ox however recognized the name as a far right conspiracy theorist, focused specifically on Holocaust denial. Suddenly the lyrics and themes of the new record were cast in a new light, for me. I spoke with Rob Miller, who is the individual in the band who Ox was interviewing, and while he denied being a Holocaust denier, I cannot comfortably work on or sell a record that dabbles in ideologies such as these. There are certain issues that rise above mere political differences and this is one of them. I spoke with the rest of the band on Monday, and NONE of them had any idea who Gerard Menuhin was, and were as shocked by these references in the record, as we at the label were. I firmly believe that these references and mentions in the record do not represent the band as a whole. but rather just Rob Miller’s. In light of all this, Relapse swiftly decided we cannot move forward with this album–we gave the masters back to the band, together with the rest of their catalog.”

Communiqué de Michel, Andy, Jon et Tom

« This is a statement from Michel, Andy, Jon and Tom regarding the recent events with TAU CROSS and Relapse Records.

« On Monday, July 1st, the four of us received a very concerning e-mail from Relapse stating that they will not be releasing our upcoming album and severing all ties to any previous work. To say that we were blindsided by this news is an understatement.

« During initial production of the album, we were asked individually to provide our thanks list, which for us consisted of family and friends.

« Now, the four of us were informed that Rob Miller has submitted a thank you to a notorious right-wing author who none of us are familiar with. We promptly researched this author’s history and we are adamantly against anything relating to this kind of ugliness. We’ve been vigilant in our attempts to get answers as to why this has happened and, frankly, how it could possibly happen considering our background and beliefs.

« We are all crushed. We’ve worked so hard on this album — to have something of this nature destroy it is absolutely devastating. For the many of you who know us, you’re aware that we are sincere and honest with ourselves and with the world. TAU CROSS was an outlet for us to experience the love and passion we all have, while staying true to our beliefs and ideals. It is truly beyond comprehension to see it take this very unexpected turn.

« With that, we want to extend our love and appreciation to Relapse Records and all our friends and family who have supported us.

« With love and light, Michel, Andy, Jon and Tom »

Le communiqué de Rob Miller est mystérieusement disparu, impossible pour le moment de le retrouver. Tout comme le Facebook du band…

Les paroles de Burn with me ont-elles le même sens pour vous maintenant?

On the brow of this hill, they burned us in chains
The moon was half full, as our bodies writhed in flames
Like madmen they came, raving drunk with death and lust
Captivated by fear, and so they turned our paradise to dust

The victor shall write of our history

So you seek the truth, embrace her whilst you may
Walk into the fire, you and I shall never die
We become the flame, take my hand and burn with me

We marked the stars in their course
We taught our children to be free
We raised the stones and we watched
The heavens turn in symmetry
They came out of the sea
With bloody feet and rotting cloth
Took the life from our hearts
A book of lies, a tortured god upon a cross

Still undecided? You’ll burn with me



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